Magenta Winds Sopraninosax

Magenta Winds Sopraninosax

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Magenta Winds make instruments in Taiwan of unmistakable quality and our experience has convinced us that when Price and Quality are considered, there are no finer instruments being made anywhere, period.

The Magenta Winds Sopranino in Gold Brass is a truly exciting instrument made for the player looking for a powerful and excitingly robust sonic color. The Magenta Winds Sopranino is regularly chosen even when played in comparison to other far more popular (and far more expensive) models.

Features of the Magenta Winds Sopranino Saxophone:

  • Key: Eb
  • Range: Low Bb to High F# (!!) 
  • Body: Lacquered Gold Brass, Hand-engraved 
  • Excellent ergonomy !! 
  • Colorful Mother-of-Pearl touches

This instrument comes with:

  • Magenta Winds Mouthpiece
  • DeLuxe Magenta Winds Case