Yamaha YTS-82Z 03 Tenorsax - Zwart Gelakt

Yamaha YTS-82Z 03 Tenorsax - Zwart Gelakt

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A modern tenor sax that actually captures the sound and feel of those treasured classic saxes of the past - while adding state-of-the-art intonation and mechanism. Based on the scale of the classic '62' models, the new Custom Z saxes have bodies that are made of a special brass alloy for lighter weight, a great playing 'feel', and the kind of tonal flexibility you've always dreamed of.

The Yamaha YTS-82ZB Custom Z plays evenly in all ranges, and gives you a huge dynamic range for as much - or as little - sound as you want. The Custom G1 neck helps produce a quick and agile response, while key action and placement feel just right. You can create whatever style tone you're after, from vintage to contemporary, and there's no need to sacriface comfort for sound. These horns literally 'have it all'.

Features of the Yamaha YTS-82ZB 03 Custom Z Tenor Saxophone:

  • Beautiful Black Lacquer
  • Range to Hi F#
  • Front F- mechanism
  • V1 Series neck for a very open, dynamic range
  • Metal boosters
  • Adjustable thumb hook for comfort
  • Mother of Pearl key buttons
  • Hand engraved bell decoration
  • Yamaha 4CM Custom mouthpiece, strap and cleaning cloths
  • DeLuxe ultra-lightweight Yamaha case