Yamaha Baritonsax - YBS-62E 02 - Goudlak

Yamaha Baritonsax - YBS-62E 02 - Goudlak

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Yamaha's 62 series saxes have become modern classics, used by leading professional players worldwide. Their strong clear sound, and excellent playability have set new standards in professional model saxophones. In addition, the 62 series saxes offer extremely accurate intonation and a comfortable response.

 The Yamaha YBS-62E comes with:

  • Beautiful Gold lacquering 
  • Hand engraved bell decoration
  • Hi F# , Low A and front F
  • Mother of pearl key buttons
  • Adjustable thumb hook for comfort
  • Redesigned left hand pinky assembly for ease of playing
  • Yamaha 5C mouthpiece, strap and cleaning cloths
  • DeLuxe Yamaha hard case for excellent protection