Rampone & Cazzani Sopraansax - R1 Jazz Bare Brass - 2002/J/OT

Rampone & Cazzani Sopraansax - R1 Jazz Bare Brass - 2002/J/OT

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Rampone & Cazzani have been making wind instruments in the Italian hills above Lago D’Orta for a long time but only recently have been re-discovered because of their ability to imitate the coveted sound of the Vintage Saxophones of the past.

A recent visit to the factory convinced us that the people at R & C are onto something which is of significant interest to saxophonists: they are making a hand-made instrument which apparently accounts for the large number of players who have been utterly delighted by this latest generation of Rampone & Cazzani saxophones.

“The real saxophone sound: dark as the night, warm as the sun"

Features of the Rampone R1 Jazz Soprano Sax in Bare Brass

  • Big-Bore geometry, increasing sound and decreasing resistance
  • Body made of Unlacquered Bare Brass for a deliciously warm sonority 
  • Hand-hammered body 
  • Elaborate hand-engraving
  • Model: 2002/J/OT

This instrument comes with:

  • Rampone & Cazzani mouthpiece
  • DeLuxe case
  • Neck strap, cleaning cloths, etc.

!!! Please Note !!! RAMPONE & CAZZANI Saxophones are handmade and assembled one at a time. It is, therefore, not always possible to have this instrument in stock. Please contact us regarding availability !!