Rampone & Cazzani Altsaxofoon | R1 Jazz Due Voci | OTS

Rampone & Cazzani Altsaxofoon | R1 Jazz Due Voci | OTS

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Rampone & Cazzani have been making wind instruments in the hills above Lago D'Orta for a long time but only recently have been re-discovered because of their ability to imitate the coveted sound of the Vintage Saxophones of the past.

A recent visit to the factory convinced us that the people at R & C are onto something which is of significant interest to saxophonists: they are making a hand-made instrument which apparently accounts for the large number of players who have been utterly delighted by this latest generation of Rampone & Cazzani saxophones.

Rampone & Cazzani is proud to show its strong attachment to the unique village of Quarna Sotto, their home above Lake Orta in the Northwest part of the Italian Alps.

The engraving on the "Due Voci" or "Two Voices" series pays homage to the 2 churches located in Quarna at the same time reflects the artisans of the past who found it very advantageous to combine the 2 voices of Brass and Sterling Silver in the making of a saxophone.

The result is quite beautiful to see but especially to play. The sound is glorious with the warmth inspired by Brass and the added projection and complex palette of the Sterling Silver.

The Rampone & Cazzani "Two Voices" Series - an ideal combination which has to be experienced to be believed !!


Features of the Rampone Jazz R1 "Two Voices" Alto Saxophone:

  • Big-Bore geometry, increasing sound and decreasing resistance
  • Neck, body and bow made of Bare Vintage Brass for a deliciously warm sonority !! 
  • Solid Sterling Silver (,925) Bell for Great Projection and Brilliance !! 
  • Silver Plated Keys
  • Italian Olive Wood finger buttons !!
  • Hand-hammered body and neck
  • Range to High F#
  • Elaborate hand-engraving depicting the churches at Quarna Sotto, home of Rampone & Cazzani 
  • Model: 2006/TV/OTS 

This instrument comes with:

  • Rampone & Cazzani mouthpiece
  • DeLuxe case
  • Neck strap, cleaning cloths, etc.

!!! Please Note !!! RAMPONE & CAZZANI Saxophones are handmade and assembled one at a time. It is, therefore, not always possible to have this instrument in stock. Please contact us regarding availability !!