Tweedehands Arista Fluit - Sterling Zilver - RBI

Tweedehands Arista Fluit - Sterling Zilver - RBI

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Pre-Owned ARISTA Flute - Sterling Zilver - RBI

Arista Flutes, located in Bedford, Massachussetts, has developed a series of flutes and flute head joints that are truly something special. 

This Pre-Owned Arista Flute has series number 19 and was chosen at the time from several Arista Flutes for the combination of its warm sound and its exciting projection. 

This instrument was played at Top Professional Level and has been very well cared for. We have re-padded it to perfection using Pisoni S2 Pads, for an enhanced sonority. 

A truly wonderful instrument, it has a brilliance, an ease of playability in all registers and as overall loveliness which is difficult to put into words.

It is a Thing of Beauty, a Joy Forever. 

Features of this Pre-Owned Arista Flute are:

  • All Sterling Silver (,925) 
  • French style pointed open-hole keys
  • B foot
  • Soldered tone holes
  • In-line G key

Comes with:

  • Brand New DeLuxe Case and Case Cobver
  • Tuning / Cleaning rod and cloths

This instrument is sold with a 2 year comprehensive guarantee. We extend, as well, a 1 week try-out period. If you are not happy with this instrument, simply return it - your only cost is the shipping.