Magenta Winds Baritonsax - BS 2 Vintage

Magenta Winds Baritonsax - BS 2 Vintage

Excl. Btw: € 3.301,65 Incl. Btw: € 3.995,00
Alle zendingen binnen de Europese Unie zijn onderworpen aan het BTW-tarief van 21%. Alle zendingen buiten de Europese Unie (bijv.: VS, Zwitserland, Noorwegen, Japan, enz.) zijn niet onderworpen aan het BTW-tarief.


A truly exciting Baritone Saxophone made for the Professional player looking for an excitingly robust sound wrapped in an instrument with the Vintage Look !

Modeled after the best of the French and Japanese instruments it is very well built and has highly impressive sonic properties and great ease of playing.

Features of the Magenta Winds BS 2 Vintage Baritone Sax:

  • Range from low A to high F#
  • Neck, Body and Bell made from Vintage Brass for enhanced projection !
  • Excellent ergonomic design of the left-hand B/Bb/C#/G# system yielding great agility with minimal noise
  • Sure-fire octave mechanism
  • Double reinforcement of the low C, B and Bb keys 
  • Perfect padding and adjustment gives this horn a slap-shut feel available only on top Pro Horns
  • Bell handsomely engraved

  • Comes with mouthpiece, neck strap and cleaning cloths 
  • Comes in a durable and protective DeLuxe case