Keilwerth Baritonsax Tot Lage A - SX90R Shadow

Keilwerth Baritonsax Tot Lage A - SX90R Shadow

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Keilwerth SX 90 Baritone Saxophone - SX90R SHADOW

Keilwerth presents the new SX90R Shadow model saxophone. With a black nickel plated body made from nickel silver, silver plated keys, and sophisticated engraving on body and bow this saxophone not only has an extraordinary appearance, it also features a new, ergonomically adapted keywork. 

The new Keilwerth Shadow saxophone combines the advantages of nickel silver with those of a black nickel plated finish. Nickel silver adapts to and conducts changing frequencies faster than other material, resulting in a very direct response, and a well centred and extremely powerful sound. Another important advantage is the reduced weight and the high stability. In combination with the black nickel plating, a completely new sound spectrum is created.

Shadow - the top saxophone for those who are looking for something exceptional!

The Keilwerth Shadow Baritone Sax comes with:

  • Beautifully Black Nickel plated Nickel Silver body and neck
  • Silver plated keys 
  • Range to Hi F# and Low A
  • Adjustable thumb hook for comfort 
  • Adjustable palm keys
  • Tone hole rings
  • Keilwerth mouthpiece, strap and cleaning cloths
  • DeLuxe Keilwerth case