Courtois Bugel - AC 155 - Goudlak

Courtois Bugel - AC 155 - Goudlak

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Antoine Courtois has set itself apart as a top-end manufacturer of brass instruments for over two centuries. The Courtois AC 154 Flugelhorn is steeped in this culture, rich in tonal color and demonstrative of Courtois's expertise and traditional values.

Antoine Courtois instruments appeal to soloists and musicians in major symphony orchestras and jazz ensembles worldwide. 

Features of the Courtois AC 154 Flugelhorn:

  • Handmade bell
  • Yellow brass bell
  • Bell Ø:  6.69" (170 mm )
  • Bore Ø: .413" ( 10,50 mm)
  • 3rd & 1st valve slide triggers
  • Finish: BeautifullyGold Lacquered
  • Delivered in a deluxe softcase met Courtois mouthpiece