Yamaha Wooden Flute Headjoint - Type EW

Yamaha Wooden Flute Headjoint - Type EW

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Product Description

This Grenadille wooden flute headjoint comes with Yamaha's professional wooden flutes from the 800W series.

Over the last years we see a trend of wooden headjoints being combined with a silver and / or silver-plated flute. The wood gives an extra warmth and a round and romantic sound compared to silver headjoints. Ideal for chamber music, baroque and solo.

This headjoint fits most metal and wooden flutes, but may have to be adjusted slightly by a flute technician. We can provide this service in our store free of charge, but for this we need your flute in our shop to fit.

Features of this Yamaha wooden flute headjoint

  • Tube material: Grenadilla wood
  • Lip plate material: Grenadilla wood
  • Riser material: Grenadilla wood
  • Crown material: Grenadilla wood
  • Style: Yamaha 800W series, Type E(W)