Yamaha Digital Saxophone - YDS-150

Yamaha Digital Saxophone - YDS-150

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Product Description

NEW: Yamaha Digitale Saxofoon YDS-150

This Yamaha Digital Saxophone is a fusion of acoustic and digital technology. It is an impressive new saxophone with digital augmentations, while retaining the expressive experience of playing on an acoustic instrument. The body of the instrument vibrates in your hands, giving it the delicate, breathing feeling of a saxophone.

You can access the rich sound of the saxophone, but the instrument can be as silent as you want it to be. The volume can be regulated in 15 steps, allowing you to enjoy playing without worrying about your volume - day or night. If you want complete silence and focus fully on your performance, you can simply plug in your headphones.

The mouthpiece has a similar design to that of an acoustic saxophone for optimal comfort. The layout of the keys feels natural and smooth. Even though it plays and is shaped like a soprano saxophone, it can sound like any type of saxophone, and more!

Click on the image below for a specifications chart of the Yamaha Digital Saxophone YDS-150.

Yamaha YDS-150 Specifications Table

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