Sankyo Flute Head Joint - RT-1 - .925 Sterling Silver

Sankyo Flute Head Joint - RT-1 - .925 Sterling Silver

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Product Description

This Sankyo head-joint is fully made of sterling silver and comes with the RT-1 cut and lip plate design. Sankyo’s RT-family of flute head-joints is a modified version of the original Sankyo wave-style lip plate design, the RT style is characterized by a full, dark, strong tone with impressive clarity and secure response. The RT style provides the freedom to achieve a very solid, powerful sound with an endless capacity for the airstream.

About Sankyo Flute Headjoints

Sankyo is a Japanese brand that since the establishment in 1968 has built a strong reputation as producer of handmade flutes and head-joints. Sankyo means “The Three Sounds” in Japanese and the Sankyo trademark symbolizes the Japanese word ‘Hibiki’, which reflects the triangle formed by its three founders, emphasizing the sound as the essence of the music. Sankyo proudly presents the finest products of the flute maker’s art. Sankyo flutes and head-joints are acclaimed throughout the world for beauty of tone and evenness of technique. Each instrument is made from carefully selected materials (even 24K gold and platinum) and is constructed by highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen.

Sankyo headjoints offer new territories of expression. Considered the most personal part of the flute, selecting the right headjoint can magically transform the sound and response. Sankyo’s handcrafted headjoint selection enables you to find a distinctive headjoint that suits your personal preference.

Features of this Sankyo flute headjoint

  • Tube material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Lip plate material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Riser material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Crown material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Cut: RT-1
  • Comes in a deluxe wooden case

Fitting this Sankyo headjoint to your flute

There are no global standards for the size of the connection between headjoint and flute. Even flutes and headjoints of the same brand will not always fit perfectly. Fortunately, our flute repairman can make almost any headjoint fit your flute. This service is free of charge, but for this we need your flute in our shop to fit.

For questions about this Sankyo RT-1 flute headjoint please feel free to contact us.