Sankyo Flute - 301 CE Silversonic

Sankyo Flute - 301 CE Silversonic

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Sankyo means in Japanese The Three Sounds and the Sankyo trademark symbolizes the Japanese word Hibiki, which reflects the triangle formed by its three founders, emphasizing the sound as the essence of the music.

Sankyo proudly presents the finest products of the flutemaker's art. Acclaimed throughout the world for beauty of tone and evenness of technique, each instrument is made from carefully selected materials (even 24K gold and platinum) and is constructed by highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen.

Features of the Sankyo Silversonic 301 CE flute are:

  • Sterling Silver head joint, body and foot 
  • Silver plated French style pointed-arm keys
  • C foot
  • Split E mechanism for a whisperingly soft high E
  • Offset G key
  • DeLuxe case and case cover

Please specify open or closed holes - no price differential.

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The Sankyo CF-301 CE is a handmade flute with sterling silver head-joint and body, C-foot, E-mechanism, nickel-silver mechanism and choice of open or closed keys.

About Sankyo

Sankyo is a Japanese brand that since the establishment in 1968 has built a strong reputation as producer of handmade flutes and head-joints. Sankyo flutes and head-joints are acclaimed throughout the world for beauty of tone and evenness of technique.

Features of the Sankyo CF-301 CE flute:

  • Headjoint, lip plate and riser: sterling silver (.925)
  • Body and foot-joint: sterling silver (.925)
  • Mechanism and keys: nickel-silver (silver plated)
  • Hand-cut headjoint
  • Choice of covered keys / plateau keys (CF 301 CCE) or open keys / French keys (CF 301 RCE) 
  • Split-E mechanism
  • Offset G
  • C-foot
  • Pointed key arms (French style)
  • Drawn tone holes
  • Pitch: 442 Hz
  • Product IDs: Sankyo CF 301 CCE ; Sankyo CF 301 RCE

The flute comes with:

  • Elegant, high-quality, velvet-lined wooden case
  • Matching shoulder bag
  • Cleaning rod and cloth set