Instrument rental

Renting is a great way to give yourself the time to determine if the instrument suits you.

Most of the times, the instruments that we have for rent are brand new or demo model instruments.

At the moment, we only rent our instruments within The Netherlands. If you rent an instrument with us, we ask you to pay a fixed rental price for a period of 6 months.
After the rental period you can, if you wish purchase your rented instrument. We calculate the purchase price minus the rent already paid by you.

If you are still not sure what you choose to do after 6 months, you can of course extend the rental period for a further period of 6 months.
Should you choose after this second rental period to purchase the instrument, this second rental fee will not be taken off the purchase price.

We also offer our so-called 80% policy (only within The Netherlands) as a possibility. Within this agreement, you purchase the instrument from the start and if you realize within 1 year that it was not meant to be and you would like to stop playing, we will refund you 80% of your purchase price. 

For the actual web prices for each instrument please search our website.

Following prices are for a rental period of 6 months.

  Rental (purchase) price  €   Rental €    Price after rent €
Magenta Winds FL200 CE 425,- 79,- 346,-
Yamaha YFL 212, with E-mech. 685,- 139,- 546,-
Curved head joint 225,- 40,- 185,-
Yamaha YPC 32, ABS Resin 859,- 159,-  700,-
Magenta Winds SS1 soprano sax 985,- 169,- 816,-
Magenta Winds  AS1 alto sax 985,- 174,- 811,-
Yamaha YAS 280 alto sax 1095.- 229,- 866,-
Magenta Winds TS1 tenor sax 1230,- 199,- 1031,-
Yamaha YTS 280 tenor sax 1825,- 329,- 1496,-
Magenta Winds BS1 baritone sax 3185,-  529,-  2656,-
Buffet Crampon Prodige, Resin 655,- 115,- 540,-
Buffet Crampon E-11, Silver-Plated 1085,- 179,- 906,-
Yamaha YTR 2330 545,- 99,- 446,-