Muramatsu Flute - EX III B

Muramatsu Flute - EX III B

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Excl. Tax: €3,119.83 Incl. Tax: €3,775.00
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Product Description

The Muramatsu EX III B flute with sterling silver (.925) headjoint, B-foot, nickel-silver body and choice of open keys or closed keys.

The EX-series are the most economical Muramatsu flutes available, yet they offer the same high quality Muramatsu workmanship you will find on our higher priced models. The hand-cut, solid silver headjoint on this attractive instrument is carefully cut and gives the flute the typical Muramatsu sound. By making use of nickel-silver for the corpus and mechanism, the flute can be considerably less expensive than fully silver flutes, with a minimal concession in sound quality.

No compromises were made in terms of build quality: you'll the same reliable key mechanism used on the most expensive Muramatsu flutes.

About Muramatsu

Muramatsu was founded in 1923 in Japan by Koichi Muramatsu. It is still a family-owned business and is now managed by the third generation Muramatsu. Each Muramatsu flute is made with the care and precision that gave Muramatsu its reputation as one of the world's best professional flute makers. Today Muramatsu sells more professional flutes than any other brand, and the Muramatsu flute is the preferred instrument for many flute soloists and flutists of world-renowned orchestras.

Specifications of the Muramatsu EX-III B flute:

  • Headjoint, lip plate and riser: sterling silver (.925)
  • Body and foot-joint: nickel silver (silver plated)
  • Mechanism and keys: nickel silver (silver plated)
  • Hand-cut headjoint
  • Choice of covered keys / plateau keys or open keys / French keys
  • Offset G
  • B-foot
  • Pointed key arms (French style)
  • Drawn tone holes
  • Pitch: 442 Hz
  • Product IDs: Muramatsu EX B ; Muramatsu EX-III-B

The flute comes with:

  • Elegant, high-quality, velvet-lined wooden case
  • Matching shoulder bag
  • Cleaning rod and cloth set