Lefreque Sound Bridge - 33 mm - Vintage

Lefreque Sound Bridge - 33 mm - Vintage

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Product Description

Material: Vintage (Brass) - Gives a round sound, a lot of 'core' in the tone and fast response.

Size: 33mm –suitable for:

  • Flute
  • Piccolo
  • Soprano saxophone
  • Clarinet

! Elastic band not included

About LefreQue:

For optimum sound and playing characteristics, the body or tube of a wind instrument would ideally consist of one piece. From a practical point of view, this is impossible for most instruments. Every section (cork- , sliding-, screw- or soldered connection) obstructs proper transmission of vibrations and as a result in a negative influence on the sound quality and tuning.

The lefreQue is a seemingly simple but effective solution to repair these ' sound breaches. The most important gain can be made between the mouthpiece / headjoint and the rest of the instrument. But improvement can also be achieved with subsequent connections.

The improvements can be phenomenal: In particular the overtones are purer, projection is improved, the instrument faster and clear response and the tuning is more accurate.

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