J.R. Lafin Head Joint - Sterling Silver - Platinum Riser 14K Gold Lipplate

J.R. Lafin Head Joint - Sterling Silver - Platinum Riser 14K Gold Lipplate

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Product Description

This Lafin flute headjoint has a tube made of .925 Sterling silver. The lipplate with adler inlay is made of 14k gold and the riser is made of platinum(!), which gives the headjoint a luminous and big sound. The "adler" inlay are small wings in the lip plate that come to the benefit of the low frequencies. The result is a head joint with a robustness and richness which has to be heard to be believed.

About J.R. Lafin flute headjoints

Jörg-Rainer Lafin studied flute with Aurèle Nicolet and later played the first flute in the Deutsche Oper Berlin and later with the Berlin Radio Orchestra and as regular guest-player with the Berliner Philharmoniker under, among others, Herbert von Karajan.

Throughout his career as flutist, Lafin cooperated with flute makers to improve their designs and moved to Japan in 1979 where he was trained in flute head-joint building by Muramatsu. Later he moved to England to work with the legendary flute maker Albert Cooper.

JR Lafin has built a strong reputation in making head-joint from his workshop in Lörrach in the South of Germany. He is known for continuously experimenting and improving the design of his head joints and he emerges today as one of the premium builders of flute head joints.

Features of this Lafin flute headjoint

  • Tube material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Lip plate material: 14K Gold with adler wings inlay
  • Riser material: Platinum
  • Crown material: Sterling silver (.925)

Fitting this Lafin headjoint to your flute

There are no global standards for the size of the connection between headjoint and flute. Even flutes and headjoints of the same brand will not always fit perfectly. Fortunately, our flute repairman can make almost any headjoint fit your flute. This service is free of charge, but for this we need your flute in our shop to fit.

For questions about this oroginal J.R. Lafin flute head-joint please feel free to contact us.