Haynes Flute - Amadeus AF-780 REBO with 14K Gold Riser

Haynes Flute - Amadeus AF-780 REBO with 14K Gold Riser

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Product Description

The Haynes Amadeus AF-780 flute with sterling silver head-joint with 14k gold riser, sterling silver body, B-foot, E-mechanism and open keys.

In the 1930 Haynes Flute Company catalogue, William Sherman Haynes expressed the wish to make a flute that more people could easily acquire. His wish has finally been granted. Wm. S. Haynes Company presents Amadeus by Haynes: an artist quality flute in an accessible price range.

Designed by Haynes, Amadeus is handcrafted of sterling silver in the Haynes Beijing workshop, and handadjusted by Haynes flutemakers in the United States. Each Amadeus flute is built to Haynes' exacting standards.

Amadeus has the Haynes heart and hands at the core of its forward-thinking design and manufacture. Like every Haynes flute, Amadeus has "that sound"  the characteristic purity that is sought after by discriminating flutists the world over ... and now, more easily available to inspire you.

Features of this Haynes Amadeus AF-780 flute:

  • Headjoint and lip plate: sterling silver (.925)
  • Riser: 14k Gold
  • Body and foot-joint: sterling silver (.925)
  • Mechanism and keys: nickel silver (silver plated)
  • Open keys / French keys
  • Split-E mechanism
  • Offset G
  • B-foot with gizmo
  • "French Style" Pointed key arms
  • Drawn tone holes
  • Product ID's: Haynes Amadeus AF-780 | AF780SE-BO

The flute comes with:

  • DeLuxe Case and Cover
  • Tuning/cleaning rod
  • Cleaning cloths, etc.