If you are looking to buy a flute, there are only a few specialized organizations in North-West Europe where you can go. Matthew’s Music has a strong international reputation for over 30 years when it comes to flutes. We offer a collection of high quality flutes from renowned makers such as Altus, Azumi, Mateki, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, Pearl, Powell, Sankyo and Yamaha. Are you looking for a new flute that you can not find on our website? Please contact us. We have an extensive network in the world flutes and can usually be of service.

We have shipped instruments to almost everywhere in the world and only work with reliable delivery services. We guarantee your instrument will arrive in optimal condition.

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Interested in trying one of our flutes? You are welcome in our store where you have all the time to try any number of possibilities. Our shop is located in Edam, Netherlands (20km north of Amsterdam). Our aim is to have you fall in love with an instrument which helps you to express your musical passion. Still not sure? We offer a trial period with any instrument which allows your infatuation to fully blossom. We advise you to contact us first to make sure that we have the instrument in stock.


For more information and tips about flutes, read our Flute Buying Guide

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Western Concert Flute

The Western concert flute, commonly simply referred to as flute, is the best-known and most popular instrument from the family of flutes, which also includes the piccolo, alto flute and bass flute. Although nowadays almost all the flutes do not contain any wood elements, the flute is nevertheless classified as a woodwind instrument. This stems from its wooden predecessor of the flute, the traverso, and the way the sound is produced.

The flute as we know it today was designed by Theobald Böhm at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Böhm developed the key-system, which was later also applied to the clarinet and oboe. The key mechanism improved the sound, range and playability of the flute. Modern flutes still make use of the Boehm system, but in the course of time, it has evolved and we still occur to see innovation through the use of new production technologies, material combinations through improved mechanisms and head-joint design.

Our selection of flutes

During our 30 years of experience, we have carefully selected an extensive range of flutes which we are proud of. We only sell flutes and accessories in which we have full confidence and where we dare to risk our reputation for. Our assortment flutes our own brand entry level student flute until completely golden flutes for the most skilled professional players.

Flute for Beginners

For a novice flute player we usually recommend a flute made of nickel-silver. This is an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel and is harder, stronger and significantly lower priced than the solid silver generally used for professional flutes.

Students flutes are available in many different designs and options, but the most common is to start with a flute with closed keys, C-foot, offset G and E-mechanism. Prices of a good student level flute to start with vary from € 400 to € 700.

Flutes for Advanced players

Advanced flute players who have transcended the level of their first flute and look for a new flute that challenges them to further improve their skills, often choose a model with a silver head-joint. The head-joint of a flute is the part that most affects the sound and playability and is therefore the most obvious option to upgrade. It is possible to buy a completely new flute, for example with open keys, a more sophisticated mechanism and -foot. However, if you already possess a good quality student flute, it is also possible to purchase only a new, full silver head-joint. Prices for flutes with a silver head piece range from € 700 to € 4,000.

Professional Flutes

A professional flute has in addition the a silver head-joint also a body made of solid silver, whether or not including the key mechanism. The most common is sterling silver with a silver content of 92.5%, but also purer variations are possible. The most exclusive flutes are made of pure gold. Several grades of gold are available up to 24 carat gold flutes.

For professional flutes there are many different additional options possible and therefore it is advisable to take the time to test-play and compare multiple flutes of different brands and configurations. We always have a wide collection of professional flutes in stock in our shop, ranging from € 1,500 to well over € 10,000. If you search for a specific flute which we do not have in our online collection, we can usually find and order it for you or refer you to someone who can.

Ordering a flute online

Although we usually recommend to first test-play a flute and compare with other models before purchasing, it is very well possible to order a flute online. For example, when you already know exactly which model you want to buy, or because there are no specialized flute stores nearby.

We have over fifteen years of online experience and have been sending instruments to customers all over the world. Some of the advantages of buying a flute online at Matthews Music are:

  • We offer a much wider choice of flutes than most physical stores do.
  • All flutes are thoroughly checked by an experienced flute specialist and brought in top condition before we ship them.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: we keep pro-actively tracking your order until it has arrived and you have indicated that you are completely satisfied with it.
  • Ongoing online help from our flute specialists if you have questions.

In our web-shop we try to define the specifications of our instruments as good as possible and explain what distinguishes one flute from another. You can browse through our catalog at your own pace and seek information on the different brands and models available. The filters on the left side of the page can help you to quickly find the flute that meets your needs.

Please also take a look at our flute buying guide to find advice on buying a flute and an explanation of the different parts and options that you can find on a flute.

Visit our flute store in Edam, Netherlands

If you have the opportunity to do so, we absolutely recommend to visit our store. Located in the historic center of Edam (20km north of Amsterdam), our shop is not the largest in the country, but it is home to one of the most extensive flute collections. The shop has an artistic atmosphere because the workshop where we do flute repairs is in the heart of the building. It is a place where music lovers and people who appreciate old-fashioned craftsmanship will surely feel at home.

For customers looking for a new of used flute, we always take plenty of time to discuss their wishes and expectations of a flute and help you to walk the difficult but satisfying path of finding the perfect flute. Our aim is to have you fall in love with an instrument which helps you to express your musical passion. Still not sure? We offer a trial period with any instrument which allows your infatuation to fully blossom. We advise you to contact us first to make sure that we have the instrument in stock.