Arista Flute Head Joint - Sterling Silver

Arista Flute Head Joint - Sterling Silver

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Product Description

This unique handmade Arista headjoint is made entirely of sterling silver. We have recently selected it during a visit to Juan Arista's workshop near Boston, Massachusetts after trying out a large number of headjoints.

We had previously been impressed with Arista's enchanting flute headjoints, but must conclude that Juan is still getting better over the years. A truly magic headjoint, well worth a visit to our store!


About Arista flute head-joints

Arista is a small-scale producer of flutes and head-joints of the highest quality and precision. The company was founded over 30 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. Arista employs only a few people in the workshop and all flutes are made with utmost care and precision. Throughout the years, Arista perfected the flute- and head-joint designs, among others with help and advice of flute virtuoso William Bennett. The result are flutes and head-joints of unprecedented craftsmanship and quality.

Arista flute head-joints are played by well-known soloists, teachers and flute players in major orchestras all around the world. There are few head-joints made nowadays which can equal, both in strength, beauty and multitude of colors, of the Arista headjoints. 

Features of this Arista flute headjoint

  • Tube material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Lip plate material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Riser material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Crown material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Serial number: #884
  • Comes in a deluxe wooden case


Buying a flute headjoint at Matthew's Music

Since the same headjoint can play and sound differently on depending on the flute on which it is fitted, and because it is very difficult to capture the characteristics of a headjoint in words, you are welcome to try this Arista headjoint in our shop in Edam, 20km North of Amsterdam.

Being a flute specialist, we always have a wide range of flute headjoints of different brands, styles and price ranges available in stock. Our experienced specialists will gladly assist you in the quest for the ideal headjoint that suits you.

Ordering a headjoint online

Do you wish to purchase this Arista headjoint online? No problem! We have over a decade experience in shipping instruments to even the most remote locations in the world. The Headjoint will be safely packed, shipped with tracking code and we take full responsibility until it has arrived and you are completely happy with it!

Fitting this Arista headjoint to your flute

There are no global standards for the size of the connection between headjoint and flute. Even flutes and headjoints of the same brand will not always fit perfectly. Fortunately, our flute repairman can make almost any headjoint fit your flute. This service is free of charge, but for this we need your flute in our shop to fit.


For questions about this Arista flute head-joint please feel free to contact us.