Altus Headjoint - S-Cut (Classic) - .925 Sterling Silver

Altus Headjoint - S-Cut (Classic) - .925 Sterling Silver

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Product Description

Features of this Altus flute headjoint

  • Tube material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Lip plate material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Riser material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • Crown material: Sterling silver (.925)
  • S-Cut / Altus Classic Cut

About Altus headjoints

Altus is one of the leading Japanese flute brands and combines manual production techniques inspired by traditional European flute making, with advanced, innovative techniques and various unique material combinations. Altus is known for its complex, rich and colorful sound. All headjoints are handmade are key to the success of Altus as well as its sister brand Azumi.


Fitting this Altus headjoint to your flute

There are no global standards for the size of the connection between headjoint and flute. Even flutes and headjoints of the same brand will not always fit perfectly. Fortunately, our flute repairman can make almost any headjoint fit your flute. This service is free of charge, but for this we need your flute in our shop to fit.


For questions about this Altus S-Cut / Classic Cut sterling silver head-joint head please feel free to contact us.