Yamaha Bb Trompete - YTR 5335 G II

Yamaha Bb Trompete - YTR 5335 G II

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The Yamaha YTR 5335 G II shares many of the same qualities of their top-of-the-line professional models, like a rich full tone with accurate intonation and the ability to either blend with the ensemble or project a solo.

It features Monel pistons for quick and reliable valve action, a gold-brass bell for warm rich tone. The entire inner bore taper from mouthpiece receiver to the bell has been scientifically designed for beautiful tone color, comfortable response, and as much sound as you want.

Features of the Yamaha YTR 5335 G II Trumpet are:

  • Gold Brass Bell
  • Gold Brass Leadpipe
  • Bell -123mm (4-7/8 inch)
  • ML Bore - 11.65mm (0.459 inch) 
  • Beautifully Gold Lacquered
  • Mouthpiece - 14B4
  • Comes with cleaning cloths and a DeLuxe case