Gebrauchte Olds F/Bb Doppelhorn | Nr. 839635

Gebrauchte Olds F/Bb Doppelhorn | Nr. 839635

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Until shutting down production in the 1970's Olds was a very well known name in the manufacture of Pro as well as student brasswind instruments.

This Olds Double F/Bb French Horn was built in the early 1970's but you would not know it to look at it. Its owner(s) took very good care of this horn. We have recently had it relacquered by Leopold Müller in Baiersdorf, Germany and they did a splendid job.

Being nearly 50 years old it has had some experience and, of course, there are traces of having been used, but the horn looks quite beautiful !!

This Olds Double French Horn has an illustrious past as well as a bright and delightful future.

This Olds Double Horn comes with:

  • A brand new mouthpiece
  • Perfect funtioning Olds case
  • Rotor Oil, Cleaning cloths, etc.

We have disassembled this Olds Double French Horn and have cleaned, polished and oiled the valves. All tuning slides have been polished, cleaned and oiled.

The overall look of the horn is Excellent. This Beauty offers the hornist years and years of French Horn Pleasure.