Magenta Winds Bb Trompete - TP 2GS

Magenta Winds Bb Trompete - TP 2GS

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Modeled after the best of the Bach Stradivarius models, the Magenta Winds TP 2 GS is for the advanced trumpet player, the last instrument before the one he/she will use soloing on stage.

It is very well built and has highly impressive sonic properties and great ease of playing.

Features Magenta Winds Bb Trumpet TP 2 GS:

  • Key of Bb
  • Bore size: 11,7 mm (ML) 
  • Bell size: 125 mm 
  • Stainless valves
  • Bell made from Gold Brass for a warm vibrancy
  • Lead pipe made from Sterling Silver for sonic excitement 
  • Third valve tuning ring
  • First valve tuning saddle
  • Beautifully Silver Plated
  • Comes with a Magenta Winds 7C mouthpiece, valve oil and cleaning cloths
  • Comes in a durable and protective DeLuxe case with stow-away straps allowing for use as back pack