Jupiter JBF1000 Bassquerflöte

Jupiter JBF1000 Bassquerflöte

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Gegründet 1979, ist Jupiter zu einer herausragenden Marke von Blasinstrumenten für Schulbands auf der ganzen Welt geworden.


The Jupiter JBF1000 bass flute has a warm and deep sound blends snugly and harmoniously with any ensemble.  In addition to its exceptional sound, this instrument offers an excellent response and a stable foundation. It meets all expectations regarding a superior bass flute. The Jupiter 1000 Series bass flutes have everything one can ask for in an affordable, high quality instrument.

About Jupiter:

Founded in 1979, Jupiter has become a preeminent brand of wind instruments for school bands around the world. The company remains dedicated to the enrichment of lives through music performance and education by providing the highest quality musical instruments and services.

Features of the Jupiter JBF1000 Bass Flute:

  • Head joints: nickel-silver (silver plated)
  • Body material: nickel-silver (silver plated)
  • Mechanism and keys material: nickel-silver (silver plated)
  • Tuning in C
  • C-foot
  • An Adjustable Crutch allows the player to rest the flute comfortably on the thumb giving better instrument balance and control
  • Product ID's: Jupiter JBF1000

Comes With:

  • Deluxe case
  • Fleecy lined case cover
  • Cleaning rod + cleaning cloth