Gebrauchte Miyazawa Querflöte - Model PCM 300 RCE - #72864

Gebrauchte Miyazawa Querflöte - Model PCM 300 RCE - #72864

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Miyazawa ist ein japanischer Marke von qualitativ hochwertigen, handgemachte Querflöten und Kopfstücken. Das Unternehmen wurde in 1969 von Masashi Miyazawa gegründet, die traditionelle Handwerkskunst mir fortschrittlicher moderner Technologie kombiniert, mit dem Ziel, die perfekte Flöte zu erzeugen.


After lengthy experimentation and research, Miyazawa created the PCM-Silver alloy. This alloy contains 65% silver and other precious metals. PCM-Silver was developed from a desire to produce a material with a density greater than nickel silver and a hardness greater than sterling silver. Such a combination results in a material with a tonal range more colorful than nickel silver and with a response faster than sterling silver.

We have re-padded this Miyazawa using Pisoni High Tech Pads - a reasonably hard pad which adds to the robustness of the sonority. It plays Like New !! Note: There has been some wear on the Silver Plating on the body of this Miyazawa - nothing alarming and, of course, having no effect on playability, etc.

Features of this Miyazawa PCM-300 RCE flute:

  • Sterling Silver (.925) Head Joint with Gold Plated Lip Plate
  • PCM Silver Alloy body and foot joint for a brilliantly colorful sound
  • Silver Plated open-hole keys
  • C-foot
  • Split E mechanism for a whisperingly easy high E !!
  • Offset G key
  • a Wonderously Warm, Brilliantly Clear Projecting Sound!
  • Comes with original Miyazawa case, GigBag, cleaning rod and cloths
  • Serial number: 72864