Gebraucht Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo

Gebraucht Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo

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The Yamaha YPC 32 piccolo is very popular with students as well as doublers due to its easy playability, accurate intonation and characteristic piccolo sound. The body is made of sturdy, maintenance-free ABS resin for a sound similar to that of natural wood. The standard model includes an E mechanism as is found on professional model piccolos. The durability of these instruments and their accurate intonation makes them ideal for beginners to delevop a good ear.

We have re-padded this Yamaha Piccolo. Of course, we have cleaned, polished and play-tested the instrument for perfection!

Specifications Yamaha YPC 32 piccolo:

  • Headjoint and lip plate: nickel silver (silver-plated)
  • Body: ABS Resin
  • Keys: nickel silver (silver-plated)
  • Split E mechanism
  • Yamaha case and related cleaning products